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Photo 4 Change is part of the overall mission of Total Horizons. Our mission from the beginning was to make a difference in the world, far beyond our products. We are always seeking to find the common balance of the win-win opportunity. We believe Photo 4 Change is just that and is an awesome first step to make a difference on multiple levels. Our commitment to Make a Difference In time we will expand to other areas such as mental health and depression, poverty, criminal justice, and the environment. Above that, we inspire people to strive to become the best version of themselves.


Why our current focus on lending support to people struggling with drugs and alcohol? Well, this gets a little personal so we will let our Founder Jason Turuc explain it in his own words.

Why We Do It

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Support our own personal mission against substance abuse

You can put an end to those struggling with substance abuse today. Please consider a gift from $12 - $95. 100% of the proceeds support The Freedom Model, an organization to help people be free from addiction.

You can make a difference, one photo at a time.